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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Raya's Thanksgiving Feast (and other festivities)

This Thanksgiving beat the heck out of last year when I was stuck at home by myself with one sick 3 year old and a 1 year old with a fairly new GJ tube who was still vomiting a lot of bile, battling c. diff, and on a crazy around-the-clock feeding/med/G tube drainage schedule. It was quiet but pitiful. :) This year was much more eventful.
For starters, Raya enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving meal that consisted of...drumroll please...
sour cream and wheat thins, just as I had predicted. :) She was offered a lot of other things by various people which she sometimes took little courtesy nibbles of, but when it comes down to it, she doesn't eat what she doesn't want to eat and it's just good that she's over her super duper gag reflex and knows how to spit things out now. :)

After her sour cream & wheat thins, she decided to play on all the fun things in Aunt Debbie's back yard:
I went in the house for a couple minutes and when I looked outside, my sister-in-law was holding Raya, who was laying her head down on her shoulder and crying a little. I went to see what happened & they said Raya had fallen off of the bouncy horse but nobody really saw it happen. She had a scrape on her forehead:
(don't mind the crusty sour cream face) and she said her arm hurt. It didn't look like anything was wrong with it at the time so we didn't really worry too much about it. She was acting extremely subdued compared to her usual supercharged self, but she was also really tired since dinner was during naptime. I sat down with her and then she let one of our cousins hold her and fell asleep. She slept on my lap for quite a while and aside from the fact that I knew she was only doing it because she was tired & had hurt herself, I enjoyed the snuggle.
After she woke up she was still acting funny. She didn't really want to get down and play like she had been before but she wanted to eat more sour cream so I put her in the high chair & gave her some.
I handed her the spoon and she took it with her right hand but she couldn't hold onto it tightly enough to eat her sour cream with it so she used her left one instead. We also noticed that she couldn't supinate (rotate her palm up) and that was when I started to suspect that she had possibly broken it. Since it was Thanksgiving and nothing but emergency rooms were open and she didn't seem to be in much pain, we decided to wait and see how she did with it on Friday.
I got up and went shopping around 7:30 on Friday (because, seriously, NOTHING is worth waiting in line all night for :) and when I got back around noon, her arm was definitely more swollen than it had been when I left. She couldn't grip hardly anything with it and didn't even try to use it. Most of the time, it was just dangling at her side which is not normal for her either.
I knew the pediatrician's office would be closed but I called to see if their after hours clinics were open. They were, but none of them have x-ray machines (SO ready to find a new peds office!!) and the urgent care we like wasn't open until 5 so we waited. I kind of laughed at the fact that instead of waiting in line for a store to open on black Friday, I was waiting in line on a sidewalk outside an urgent care waiting for it to open. :) These are the pictures I took just before we left to go to the urgent care:
We are really lucky that the clinic Raya goes to for a couple of her specialists is also an after-hours urgent care so they already have her very extensive medical history in their system and I don't have to fill out any intake paperwork (which is a HUGE pain with a complex kid) or explain everything from the beginning. We only sat in the waiting room for about 30 seconds before they took us back to a room. Raya marched right in like she owned the place, as usual. :) The doctor came in and looked at it and when he saw that she couldn't rotate palm up, he said that he would just about bet that it was broken. The x-ray tech got us all set up for the x-ray and when she turned Raya's arm for the side view of the radius, she said, "Well I can't tell you anything but I can already see what's going on here!"
While we waited for the doctor to come back in and tell us about the x-rays, Raya kept telling me where her arm hurt:
The doctor came back in and said that she had buckle fractures in both the radius and the ulna just above the wrist. The one in the radius is worse but they're both broken.
So they put a big fat splint on her arm, put a little bitty sling on her (which we now know it's a ridiculous task to keep a sling on a 2 year old who still holds her arms up and out when she walks) and after that we were on our way. The whole thing took just barely over an hour, which COMPLETELY justifies me not taking her to a germy emergency room earlier in the day.
Fortunately, we happen to already have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday with an orthopedic specialist at the CRS clinic (where she sees her CP doctors) so they should be able to look at the x-rays and her arm and decide what needs to be done next with it. This also means we'll be cancelling our weight check for Monday since we can't take the splint off to get an accurate clothing-less weight on her now. I'm slightly relieved about that because I'm a little nervous about how we've been doing calorie-wise since we changed her feeding schedule & added some real food.
Today, we went back to Aunt Debbie's for a baby shower and Raya got the door open and went outside, so while we were out there...
For the record, I tried to take the bracelet off but she insists on wearing it.
Whatever makes you happy, kid. :)
She got back in the saddle, splint/sling/feeding pump and all, and showed that wonder horse who's boss! :)

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