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Thursday, September 1, 2011

First trip to the dentist

Raya got to have her first dentist appointment today. She's starting much earlier than any of the other kids did but the other kids didn't throw up 4 or 5 times a day for 18 months. :) Ashtyn (our oldest) spit up like nobody's business but she didn't get her first tooth until she was 14 months old so it wasn't an issue with her. Anyway, the 3 older kids had appointments to get their teeth cleaned today so when I checked in, I told the receptionist that I wanted to schedule an appointment for Raya to get hers cleaned. She checked with the hygienists and said that we could just do Raya's today too if I wanted. One less appointment to drag her to? Yes please!

I had no idea how it would go. She's rather unpredictable these days. She LOVES the GI doctor's office now but the dentist's office was a whole new environment with a lot going on so she had NO desire to lay still and let somebody touch her mouth. She sat on my lap facing me and laid her head on the hygienist's lap while I held her down. Good thing I'm used to things like that. :)

Raya really has come a long way. If someone had attempted to put a toothbrush (or anything) in her mouth against her will a few months ago, she would have puked on them. She was clamping her lips shut but the lady was still able to get a pretty good look at her teeth, brush them, and put fluoride on them. I had to bite my tongue when she was telling me how I need to brush her teeth at least twice a day and that I really need to be using toothpaste on her. Obviously that's the ideal situation and yes, I should be doing that, but coming from where we're coming from with Raya, it's pretty much a miracle if she lets me put ANYTHING in her mouth. I politely nodded and told the lady that we're doing our best to work towards that point but that it has to be on Raya's terms. Luckily, Raya likes to chew on her toothbrush and does it several times a day anyway.

Raya was a little more afraid of the dentist than she was of the hygienist. She held pretty still but she clamped her mouth shut pretty tight and didn't want him looking in it. After we had gone over her medical history, he was expecting the worst for her teeth. He said that a lot of kids with reflux/vomiting problems like Raya has had end up with decay on the back of their teeth but hers look great. Whew. We finally caught a break on something! :)

I was too occupied with holding her down to take a picture of her at her first dentist appointment but here's a picture from her breakfast today:
Maybe we need to start brushing between her toes too. :)

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