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Friday, September 30, 2011

Chubby Bunnies

We let Raya try marshmallows today. Turns out she has a difficult time with them. They're light & fluffy so she can't feel them in her mouth as well, so she stuffs and stuffs until there's foamy white marshmallow goo oozing out the corners of her mouth:
Of course the other 3 thought she was hilarious so they kept egging her on. After the big kids stopped laughing at her antics, she started to get anxious and she didn't think it was funny anymore. She got a "yuck" look on her face and I asked her if she wanted to spit them out. She walked straight over to the garbage can and spit out everything she could and then let me wipe off the rest and clean her up. It was a fun little experiment but no more marshmallows for Raya. :)

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