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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visit with the Allergist

We LOVE the 2 allergists that our kids see. They are so good with the kids, they're great about explaining things to me and answering questions, they're very generous with samples, and they're just really great people. Now if we could just get in & out of their office in under 90 minutes, it would be perfect. :) They do have a sense of humor about it though. You can tell by their choice of cabinet-top decor:

Raya saw her allergist yesterday and other than having 2 very bored and restless little girls cooped up in a 9x9 room for an hour, it went well. I caught him up on her progress in the past 4-6 months since we saw him last. I told him we're in the process of weaning her off of the medication that interfered with her allergy testing in February and he said that we can keep trying new foods with her for a few months and see if any issues come up.
I told him about when she had a skin reaction to the pureed rice she smeared all over her face & arms and he was surprised. He said it's pretty rare for someone to be allergic to rice. Raya never was one to stick with stereotypes though. :) He said to definitely avoid feeding her rice and products where rice is a main ingredient. Hopefully she'll be able to tolerate at least a little because rice is in EVERYTHING since most people aren't allergic to it. That does explain some things though. When Raya was first having issues with projectile vomiting, things got worse when I started an elimination diet and cut out everything that is a common allergen. The only grain I WAS eating was rice. Then to make matters worse, the weekend before she was admitted the first time, her GI doctor had me add rice cereal to the breastmilk for added calories and Raya puked her little guts out non-stop all weekend.
We're also avoiding dairy still. A few months ago, she switched from Neocate, which is totally hypoallergenic and as broken-down as it gets to Peptamen Jr, which is a little less broken down and has whey in it. Within a week or 2 of switching, her unpleasant lower digestive side-effects had gotten a LOT better but she had developed eczema on her thighs. Since the amount of dairy in the formula is extremely low, we're afraid that giving her any more than that small amount would cause problems for her so we're staying away from it for now.
So from here, the plan is to keep avoiding rice & dairy and keep introducing new foods and watch for reactions. Then, the next time she's getting blood drawn or being scoped or having an IV for whatever reason, I'm supposed to call the allergist's office and let them know and they'll order some blood work for more specific foods and allergens. I don't anticipate that being anytime soon so for now, we'll just keep letting her eat whatever she will eat and see what happens.
Oh, and in other news, when we weighed her yesterday, she was just barely over 26 lbs. That means she's tained 1 pound in the last 2 weeks so I'm pretty excited about that. That means even though I keep screwing up her feeding schedule that I'm still trying to get used to, she's still growing. :)

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