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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Upper GI and weight check

Raya had yet another upper GI today to see if there was a visible cause for all of this bile drainage. Pessimistic Mommy figured it would come out normal like most every test we do. Optimistic Mommy thought that maybe this time we would be able to see something wrong that would explain the problems she's been having. I'm not totally sure who won. For now I'm calling it a tie. The test wasn't totally normal but I don't know how easy it will be to fix either.
*In case you don't know what an upper GI is, it involves the patient ingesting barium either by swallowing it or having it injected through a feeding tube. The radiologist does a series of x-rays as the barium goes down & moves through the digestive tract. It can help detect a lot of different conditions like structural abnormalities, growths, hiatal hernias, reflux, etc.*
Anyway, the radiologist said that he could see some inflammation in her small bowel where the tube is, and that the inflammation is probably what's causing the bile to back up in her stomach. What we will be doing to fix that I have no idea. The radiologist was going to send his report to her GI doctor and we'll go from there.
She's lost another 4oz since last week too so she's down to 22lbs 15 oz. She's lost exactly 1 pound in the last month. Again, not sure what we'll be doing next but hopefully we can fix the intestine issue and then the weight will start going back up on its own. So that's it for now. I'm pretty sure all the progress we've made recently with how well she behaved at appointments went down the toilet in the 20-ish minutes we were in the radiology room. :) The minute the x-ray tech came towards her with a hospital gown, she was done. She screamed and fought us the whole time she was under the x-ray machine. I always tell her that if she ate food, I would take her out for a treat after unpleasant appointments like that one. :)

Girlfrien' was happy as could be BEFORE the upper GI :)

Big huge thing of markers all to herself, little tables & chairs, no backpack or drainage bag, and no big brother & sisters! :)
She pouted all the way home though. Who could blame her, right?

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