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Monday, June 27, 2011

Raya ate food

Yes, it's true. Raya ate. And this time I'm not just talking about her usual grazing off the floor under the big kids' chairs:

She got stuck so she laid down and took a little
rest while she figured out what to do next. :)

She actually ingested food. What is her food of choice? The second food she has actually been interested in enough to come back for more? (the first one was bacon but she lacks the equipment & coordination for that :) Well, you've heard of the magical fruit...
BEANS. Refried, to be exact. Homemade & nicely seasoned, not from a can. :) 
 I was making dinner and she started doing the little point & grunt/whine thing she's been doing to tell me that she wants a bite, so I got a little bit of beans on a spoon and gave it to her. Earlier today I had done the same thing with warm applesauce (she doesn't like cold in her mouth) but she had one taste and then wiped it out of her mouth with her hand and clamped her mouth shut, so I wasn't expecting much with the beans. To my surprise, she wanted more bites. After 4 or 5 little tastes, I got a little measuring cup out and put a tablespoon or so of beans in it and gave it to her with a baby spoon. Wouldn't you know the little stinker just chowed down on it!
 I let her keep going until she got the yuck face and stuck her tongue out and started making the noises she makes when she wants me to clean the food off of her tongue for her so she doesn't gag. :) After all was said and done, she had probably consumed a total of 3-4 tablespoons. I didn't measure it before I gave it to her but I think that's a pretty good guess. She's never swallowed that much of any food before.
I had planned on draining her stomach at dinnertime but then she started eating so I couldn't. Didn't want beans clogging up the G port. :) For today, she's only lost 150ml of fluid so far. Once her stomach has had a little more time to move the beans through, I'll unclamp her again and see what happens. I don't understand why she suddenly can handle all the changes I've made with her this weekend but I'm happy that we've found a food that she tolerates the taste AND texture of and that is edible for someone with 7 teeth (as opposed to the bacon :). She also really likes water. She wants drinks all the time. She's still not great at swallowing though and she usually ends up letting it run back out of her mouth. Then she points to her shirt or my shirt and says, "Wet!" :)
Keep up the good work Ray-ray!


  1. i'm seriously tearing up! that is so happy!

  2. Awesome!!! That is great progress - keep it up!


  3. It's probably too much too soon, but do you think you could mush up other stuff with the beans (avacados?) to help broaden her palate?


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