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Monday, June 20, 2011

normal normal normal

I talked to Raya's GI nurse and once again, all of the labs have come back normal. I'm glad this time though since the reason for re-doing the labs was because of elevated glucose. That would have been a whole new can of worms so I'm glad it was normal. She said that the elevated glucose on the first set of labs was likely due to the stress of having the endoscopy. I kind of laughed about that because as far as I can remember, Raya was having the time of her life running around the hospital waiting area & playroom and I was the one that was stressed from chasing her. :) Anyway, this time normal labs are a good thing.
We are going to try putting her back on erythromycin ethyl succinate (aka EES or ery-ped). It's an antibiotic which, when given in low doses, can help increase gastric emptying. So in other words, we're going to see if the EES will help move some of this bile through her instead of having so much drain out of her stomach. It helped a little last fall when she was having the same problem on a much smaller scale so we'll at least try it for the next 2 weeks while her doctor is out of town & see if it helps and then go from there.

We had a family gathering for Father's Day this weekend and it was the first time we've been at anything like that since Raya decided putting food in her mouth wasn't such a horrible thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that she's exploring, but the whole thing was exhausting for me. Between holding her so she wouldn't bulldoze her way through the other kids' plates & cups of juice, trying to eat my own food without her grabbing it, giving her enough "bites" to keep her happy and then catching the food when she spit it out, having mouthfuls of water spewed all over me because she wanted a drink but couldn't swallow it, trying to keep her from putting everything she found on the floor in her mouth, keeping her from getting bites of food she's not supposed to have like dairy products (i.e. cheese on the floor), keeping her from getting run over when she would try to play with the big kids, emptying her drain bag 2-3 times during dinner, and keeping her away from the basement stairs where all the other kids were playing, it was a difficult evening. Before we went (it's a 1 hour drive each way) I had thought about staying home with her because it would have been so much easier, but I wanted to go so we did. We had fun and it was nice for all the kids to get to play with their cousins, it was just another one of those reality checks for me. She's just a lot easier to deal with in our own environment. Here she is with Grandpa:
Like we always say, it's a good thing she's cute. :)

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