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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lab results

I got a phone call from the GI doctor's nurse today. She said that Dr. S wants the labs to be redone. (blech) She didn't have all the results in front of her but she said that the doctor wants them to be done over again and that Raya's glucose was elevated so she wants her to do a fasting glucose test. It was about 126 and it's supposed to be between 60-90 for a kid her size/age.
It's possible that the glucose could have been elevated because of whatever IV fluids they gave her during her endoscopy since that's when they drew labs, but 126 was pretty high considering that she had been off of formula for 6 hours and pedialyte for 3 hours before the labs were drawn. She was only on the IV fluids for about 30 minutes total and I don't know at what point they drew the blood for labs either.
And what does it mean that her glucose was elevated? Who knows. It could be a number of different things so first we have to redo the labs & see if the results were just a fluke or if there really is something going on with her blood sugar and/or pancreas. 
The lab tech said that kids normally have to fast for 8 hours before they get the glucose for the test but she and the nurse weren't sure how long Raya will need to fast for since she's on 20 hour a day feeds so we're waiting to hear back from Dr. S about it. Then we'll go back & get more labs done. Good thing we have an AWESOME lab tech who can almost always get Raya's blood on the first poke.


  1. I'd have to say having an AMAZING lab tech that gets blood fast and easy on kids is a plus in my book!

  2. Maybe THIS is your answer! Woo hoo it was a naughty pancreas! Alright lame humor done and tucked away. Is it wrong to hope the re-draws are normal? If you could reach through the internet you'd smack me, and I'd deserve it.
    All joking aside. I hope the re-draws go well, whichever way that is and that that little tummy stops with the bile overload production.
    P.S. Cole is very cute, and Kaida has got spunk, but Raya is my very favoritest little copper top.


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