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Monday, June 13, 2011

19 months

Oral aversion? What oral aversion? Suddenly, Raya is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. Especially her old favorite, the toothbrush:
Maybe "suddenly" is the wrong word. It did take her over a year to decide that she can, in fact, handle having things in her mouth. :) She has made some little leaps & bounds in the past 2 months though. We've gone from the struggle of, "Raya, can't you just let me put ONE bite in your mouth? Just one little crumb?" to, "Raya, do you HAVE to put EVERY crumb you find on the floor in your mouth?" Several times a day now, she comes up to me and smiles with her lips closed, which is a sure sign that there's something in her mouth. I usually cringe when I ask her to spit it out because I never know what's going to be in there and I'm afraid next time it will be a dead bug. Or something more gross than that.

Little missy turned 19 months old on Friday. The big kids came home from a birthday party that afternoon with bags full of candy from a pinata. They all wanted to eat candy so I put Raya in her high chair and gave her a dum-dum too. She had a great time playing with it.
Later that evening we went out to eat and she begged for tastes of everything. It's fun to see her try new things, even if she does make yuck faces and spit it all out. She really hated the rice I gave her. It was just plain white rice but it stuck to her fingers and face and she had a hard time getting it out of her mouth and it made her mad. :)

Raya has more words than I expected her to have at this point. She says Daddy, Mommy, Bubba, Kaida, backpack, beep-beep (what she calls her feeding pump :), me, uh-oh, please & thank you (only when she feels like it & we tell her to :), NO!, uh-uh, ta-da!, oh no, yuck, book, and probably a few others that I can't think of at the moment. Most of them are pretty clear but some of them are only discernable when you can see her while she's saying them. Most of the time she just points and whines. :)
 Yesterday at church I had to take her out of Sunday School because she was playing with a bottle and every time she put the lid on it, she would yell, "Ta-da!!!" It was distracting. :)
She's turning into a big girl. Here's a few pics from her 19 month birthday:

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