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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Raya's first day of nursery

Raya turned the magical age of 18 months old last week. Why is 18 months a magical age, you ask? Because that's when kids can start going to the nursery class at church. :) When the other 3 kids hit about 12-14 months, I started counting down the days until they could go to nursery. 3 hours of church feels like forEVER when you're trying to keep a squirmy toddler from running all over the place, and you can forget trying to hear anything that's being taught in the lessons.
It's been a little different with Raya though. I've been counting down the days with her too but there's been some dread in the countdown. I know part of it is just me wanting to stay in control of as much of her life as I can and I need to get over that. Part of it is my germophobia. I know they try to keep things clean & sanitary but nursery is like a little petrie dish. Raya has somehow managed to stay very healthy through the winter & spring and I don't think it's any coincidence that her vomiting has decreased and her desire to let food into her mouth has increased during that time frame. So yeah, I'm hesitant to send her in and risk her getting sick. Especially because with her extreme feeding & oral delays, she's still putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.
Then there's the whole feeding tube issue. I'm trying to decide how to handle her feeding schedule on Sundays. Do I just change things up one day a week so she doesn't need anything during nursery or do I leave things how they are and just interrupt every so often to give her water or formula? There's also the risk of her tube getting caught or pulled on, which is probably another irrational paranoia but still a valid concern, especially because she's never really been in close quarters in a room full of kids her age & older.
When it came down to it though, none of those ended up being the reasons Raya didn't go to nursery today. Did I mention that when we moved and started going to our new ward, our church time changed to 11:30-2:30? TERRIBLE time to have church. So instead of taking Raya to her first day of nursery, I did the customary 45 minutes of wrestling with her in the hallways while she cries & squirms and then finally falls asleep during the last 5 minutes of Sacrament meeting. She was out cold and there was no way I was going to wake her up! I told the nursery leader (who conveniently happens to be an RN) that if she woke up, I would bring her in. She sat on my lap like this:
until 20 minutes before church was over. After that, she sat calmly on my lap and played with her syringe and bottle of water and made cute faces and chatted with the lady sitting next to us, so I didn't take her to nursery. Maybe next week, maybe not. :) As long as she'll snuggle on my lap and sleep through 2 hours of church, I see no need to rock the boat. :)

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