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Monday, May 2, 2011

AMT clamp=no more G tube/GJ tube/J tube leakage!

Raya has a new favorite accessory. Or rather, WE have a new favorite Raya accessory. It is this beautiful little piece of silicone (I think??):
What is it, you ask? It's called the AMT clamp. It keeps my squirmy and mischevious almost 18 month old from unplugging her feeding pump (either accidentally or intentionally) from her extension tube, which results in a very big mess. As in formula running into the bed all night from the feeding pump and bile running into the bed out of her small intestine. Both of which equal a big smelly mess in the morning. Not only that but it can be dangerous for a child to have a feed come unplugged at night. They lose all the formula that leaks out into the bed, which you have no way of measuring or knowing exactly what time it got unplugged. They also lose fluids that leak out of the unclamped extension tube from their digestive tract. AND, we've learned the hard way that some of those fluids that leak out (i.e. bile) can be very caustic on skin so if it leaks onto their skin at night when nobody is awake to fix the problem, they could end up with blisters/burns.
Anyway, I had seen a couple of posts here and there on feeding tube message boards about the AMT clamp and kind of filed it away in the ol' memory bank because we didn't really have a problem with her unplugging her feeds at night. Then the night before I made her monthly order with home health, she unplugged her feed and it was AWFUL, so I finally ordered one.
Here's what it looks like when it's in use:
Having the tube come unhooked at night hasn't been a huge problem for us. It's only happened a handful of times but it's not pleasant no matter how many or how few times it happens so we are very excited to have it. Anything that means less laundry is exciting. :) (now if we can just get somebody to make one to keep the medicine port from popping open!)

If anyone who reads this has a child that has ever woken up in a puddle of formula, you NEEEEEEED one of these! Here's the packaging with the order numbers in case you need them. :) 

Raya likes it too. It has given her something new to tinker with when she wakes up in the morning instead of just ripping everything out of her backpack. :) She still didn't wake up dry this morning because there was a leak from her G tube drainage bag AND her lovely little J port on her GJ tube has started to leak. I guess that's what happens when you have an extension tube hooked up to it 24 hours a day for 6.5 months. Here she is this morning saying "Beeeee!" because she saw me holding the camera.

Another little gadget that we have found to be VERY helpful is this (the one on the right):
It's called a 5 in 1 connector and its real purpose is to connect oxygen tubing. Normally, we use an extension tube with a y-port on it for her J tube feeds because there is a separate medicine port that accepts the small tips on medicine syringes. We happened to somehow run out of the y-port tubes last week though, so we had to use regular straight port tubes instead. They are bigger, so the small syringes don't plug directly in to them. We plug the connector into the extension tube and then pop the syringes into the connector and squirt the meds in. Works like a charm. :)


  1. YAY baby can't unplug her feeds!!! I really honestly hope for your sake and everything you've had to put out money wise it wasn't very expensive and that the insurance helped cover it if it was! Sometimes the smallest pieces of plastic cost soooo much :)

  2. You are a life saver!!! I woke up to an unplugged tube this morning again. I have been trying to figure out a way to stop this from happening, and here you post this! My step daughter just got her gtube in December so we are still learning and adjusting, so I thank you SO So much

  3. Man, why didn't I know about this back when we had the NG tube. Oh well, we r past that now. glad you found it. It is amazing how the smallest things make us happy.

  4. I just ordered one from our medical supply company. Your blog has been so incredibly helpful! Any tips for keeping them from pulling the end of the extension from the end of the NG tube?

  5. We pin our tube with a diaper pin the the AMT clamp to kiddos pants. Now kiddo can carry his backpack around all day without pulling the button out of the stomach!


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