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Sunday, April 10, 2011


My girl is 17 months old today, so just for fun, here are 17 things about Raya at 17 months. (besides the obvious one, being that she'll be old enough to go to nursery at church in 1 month. Yay! :)
1. She has a lot of nicknames, as do all of the kids. The most common ones are Ray-ray and Pete/Petey.
2. Even though they're not very clear or intelligible, she does have a few words. She can say Raya, Bubba (Cole's nickname), Kaida, Daddy, backpack (her first real word), go, whip (because we pat her on the bum and say "whip, whip, whip"), Mommy (but it sounds like grandma), and no but she doesn't know what that means yet.
3. She LOVES music and loves to dance, which of course is fun to watch. :)
4. Her favorite activity when she's supposed to be sleeping but isn't is to pull everything out of her backpack, tear off little pieces of lining, and stuff them into her G tube extension tube.
5. She also loves to find things she can plug into her G tube extension tube. Mostly syringes and the feeding pump after it's been turned off & unplugged but tonight she got a plastic toddler fork in there too.
6. She's quickly learning that if she really wants to, she get the big kids to do pretty much whatever she wants them to.
7. She says "mmmmm!" a lot which is funny considering that she doesn't like the taste of ANYTHING.
8. She still only has 4 teeth all the way in and 1 more that's still just barely through.
9. She knows the sounds that a dog, cat and cow make, although according to her cows say "Boo!"
10. She resents the fact that she never gets to go upstairs unless her PT is trying to get her to practice coming down the stairs.
11. Her most recent sensory-induced panic was because she was walking down the sidewalk and then started walking across the slope of a driveway so that one foot was higher than the other.
12. She has an uncanny ability to discern crumbs from rocks or other non-food objects, and will only put the non-food items in her mouth.
13. She has recently developed a fascination with taking things from the kitchen or pantry and putting them in the bathtub in the master bathroom. Today it was 3 cheerios and a box of oatmeal.
14. She likes to take my hairbrush and walk around the house "brushing" her hair (what little she has), which equates to whacking herself on the head with the brush. It makes her feel grown-up though.
15. She LOVES cold and does not love hot. Especially water that's really warm.
16. Since starting weekly OT and PT, she has started to lower her defenses and give us a few more moments of snuggle time.
17. She is perfectly content with her little life just the way it is right now. Including the part where she doesn't have any desire to eat. And you know what? So am I. :)
Watching Kaida eat a treat
Sort of snuggling :)
Relaxing on the couch
She won't let us put a blanket on her but she'll cuddle the blanket and her puppy :)

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