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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An exciting moment

Today we had to go to a title agency about 45 miles from home to sign papers on the house we're selling. First I took Raya to her OT appointment, which was a pretty average session for her. She was all over the place today. I realize a 16 month old can't be expected to have much of an attention span but holy smokes, the girl couldn't do something for more than 5 seconds before she was moving on to the next thing. It was worse because if she happened to notice Kaida doing something, it didn't matter what it was, Raya immediately wanted to do it too.
Finally, after a month or more of trying, Raya actually LIKES bouncing on the huge exercise ball. I say it's been a month, but that's just because for the last month we've actually been pushing her to let her OT put her on it. We tried putting her on it at PT probably a year ago and she hated it. Every time after that (including a month ago when her PT brought one with her) she has hated it. She finally likes it though so that was exciting. Any time she gets over an aversion to something, it's exciting. That's not the exciting moment that I was referring to with the title of this post though.
Back to the house signing appointment. After OT we picked up Donny from work and started driving to Timbuktu for the appointment. I was yapping away in a Mountain Dew-induced yap-a-thon when I changed freeways and came around a corner. Then instead of staying in the right lane like I did SOOOOO many times last year, I changed lanes and kept driving. Do you know what I drove past? Phoenix Children's Hospital. Do you know how exciting it was for me to drive PAST it instead of pulling off the freeway exit and turning that screwy corner under the overpass to go into the parking garage? I actually had to count how many months it had been since we had been there. 5, in case you were wondering. 5 whole months that we haven't gone to the hospital. (granted we did go to the hospital in Ohio but that was different. I didn't feel like I was being held hostage there. :)
When we were driving back and we passed it again, I wondered how many cars I had watched drive by from Raya's room at the hospital on that exact stretch of freeway during the 2 weeks we were there the last time. We had a really nice view from one of her rooms but I have to say that nothing beat the view of flying by the hospital from the freeway. Having Raya has taught me to be better at celebrating the positives so I decided that even if, heaven forbid, she had to go back to the hospital tomorrow, I would still be excited about the fact that she stayed away for 5 months. The end.

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