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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A great week of therapies!

Raya is 15 months old today and I'm so proud of her this week. She had all 3 of her therapies and she did really well with all of them. OT was on Tuesday, FT was yesterday and PT was today. At OT Raya reaffirmed her unnatural love for the sandpaper board and we've actually been able to use that to our advantage. I don't like to use the term "manipulate" but in a way, we can manipulate her to touch textures she's aversive to by letting her stand or sit on the sandpaper board while she touches the things she doesn't like. It's like her little safety zone. :) I joked with her OT that we should just get a sandpaper board at home and put a border of hardwood around it (which she's scared of) and we'd never have to worry about her wandering around the house & getting into stuff. :) Anyway, she was a really good sport at OT and we were able to push her limits.

Feeding therapy yesterday was probably the best session we've had the whole time she's been getting FT. We're only doing it every 3 weeks right now because she's just not ready to push harder than that but she did great yesterday. She played with crackers & cracker crumbs and with water. (there's always a big mess to clean up after FT:) We were able to get her to taste the cracker crumbs (which she spit out almost immediately) and her therapist got her to willingly accept drops of water out of the syringe.
By the end of the session, she was reaching toward the syringe and making a noise to let us know she wanted more. It was kind of like a little game to her. I think she liked it but she doesn't get the whole concept of water being essential for life and that she's supposed to drink it and not just play with it. :) We had a little piece of sandpaper that we rubbed on her feet a little bit while she was sitting in the high chair and after the FT put it down on the counter, Raya grabbed it and tried to rub it on her feet by herself. Silly girl!

PT went really well this week too. Her PT brought a new thing with her that Raya (and Kaida) really liked. It's the Ab Dolly:

Raya practiced backing up to it and squatting to sit down on it and then standing back up. She thought it was pretty fun. Then her PT gave her a little ride on it, which is great for vestibular input (to help increase her body awareness). She was a little nervous with it at first but once she got used to it she thought it was great.
She also brought a balance disc for her to stand on, which she LOVES to do. One side of it is smooth and
the other side is bumpy. The first couple days her PT brought it with her, Raya wouldn't really touch the smooth side and she really liked the bumpy side but now she's getting used to the smooth side too. It's nice to see little bits of progress like that. It's funny the things you get excited about when you have a child with delays or issues that are out of the ordinary. :)
The other thing Raya's PT did with her that we haven't done before was make her lay on her tummy on the balance disc to help with core strength. It's really hard to get her to lay on her stomach because she has a big fat GJ tube sticking out (and they call it a "low-profile feeding device", ha ha). It worked pretty good laying her over the balance disc though because the tube was in front of it so it wasn't squished. She laid on her tummy & played with toys while the PT kind of squished her legs between her knees to keep them together. It worked well & she didn't squawk about it. :)

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