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Thursday, February 24, 2011

GI visit

Raya got to see our favorite doctor today (and I mean that, she really is our favorite :). Luckily, a nice friend took Kaida to her house so she didn't have to go with us because wrestling with Raya is just about as much fun as I can handle in one appointment. :)

Anyway, we had a good visit with the doctor, meaning that there was minimal vomiting during the appointment and the doctor and I could pretty much hear each other over Raya's crying/screaming. :) Here's a brief rundown:
  • Raya weighs 23 lbs 6 oz this week, which is 8 oz less than last week and only 1 oz more than when she was there in January. Not sure why she lost weight but the doctor wasn't concerned. She has a little extra cushion. :)
  • We're still battling the worst diaper rash ever (we're talking blisters & bleeding, TMI) so we now have prescription #3 for that.
  • Dr. S hadn't heard about the inconclusive allergy testing & didn't know that any of Raya's meds would possibly supress histamine reactions.
  • After a little over a year on Neocate, we've decided to try something that's "a little less elemental" than Neocate. Over the weekend, we'll gradually switch her over to Peptamen Jr. and see how she does with it since it's a milk-based formula. Should be interesting & fun, right? Especially given how well Raya's body adjusts to change. ha ha. :)
  • Since she lost half a pound and will hopefully be switching formulas, she'll go back for a weight check in a month and then back to Dr. S in 2 months. It feels good to be on a lower-maintenance schedule. We went from seeing the GI doctor every week to every 2 weeks, then once a month, then every 6 weeks and now we get to go 2 whole months. :)
In other news, Raya's been taking interest in helping out around the house. She "helped" us put her crib together so she didn't have to sleep in the pack & play in the closet under the stairs anymore. (we just moved. under normal circumstances, we don't put the children in closets)

She was all smiles until we tried to take the bolts away.

Her torticollis reappears when she's concentrating on something. :)

She got a little upset when she couldn't get the screwdriver out. :)

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