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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm so confused.

I can't figure this girl out. The first bolus feed went great. The second one didn't. The third one went ok, the fourth one was as bad as the second one only worse because I was doing all the right things so it SHOULD have been fine but wasn't. Ugh. She threw up 5 times today, which in and of itself isn't a huge deal but every time she's thrown up, there's either more stuff coming out than normal or else her stomach is contracting so hard and for so long at a time that her whole head turns beet red and she can't take a breath until it relaxes. It would be nice if there was something I could put my finger on that's causing the increase in problems so I could fix it tomorrow.
On the bright side, she had another good PT session today and has really warmed up to her therapist. Huge relief for me since the first 3 sessions, all Raya did was cry and try to get away from her. She'll let her PT do stretches with her that she won't do for me and vice versa so it's a good team effort.

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  1. is she allergic to your cleaning stuff...maybe you cleaned more on the days she has had worse days? :) I'm so sorry.


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