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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few of my favorite the allergist's office

Raya had her follow-up with the allergist today. This is how it went:

Amazingly, Raya allowed the MA to take her vitals without working herself into a tizzy and vomiting this time. Then she sat in her stroller until she was bored/tired/fidgity.
Then she cried until I got her out.

The girls watched Toy Story 3 on the portable DVD player together. For 3.5 seconds. Then Kaida got mad at Raya for putting her hands all over Buzz so I had to move her away from Kaida.

Kaida was happy again. Raya wasn't. I stood up and held her but she wanted down. It was hot in there.

The temperature in the itty bitty exam room reached 80 degrees. I tried to turn it down. It didn't let me.

Once again, I found myself wanting to take the PATIENCE sign off the cabinet and break it. Slightly amusing but not appreciated.
After 1 hour, I gave up on trying to keep Raya happy and let her climb on the magazine shelf. 

Looked down & realized I had left the house wearing skinny jeans, white athletic socks and running shoes. I'm sure that breaks at least 50 of Stacy & Quentin's rules about what not to wear.
 After all of that fun, the allergist, whom I love, came in and apologized profusely for the long wait. It was okay, I've come to expect it. We discussed the results of our visit to Ohio and I updated him on the medications she's on & the adjustments we're making to them right now. I explained the plan that the GI doctor & I discussed on Monday and how allergy testing will fit in to that.
Our plan is that I'll talk to Raya's feeding therapist and probably the GI nurse and come up with a list of 8-10 single ingredient foods that we want to test. Then in 6 weeks at our next appointment, I'll bring in small amounts of each of the foods and we'll do fresh food scratch testing with them. That means they'll take a little poky thing (technical term :) and dip it in the food and then scratch her skin with it and then we'll wait a few minutes and see if she has a reaction to it. Hopefully she won't and then we can start introducing those foods into her diet via feeding tube (for now, until she decides to actually eat them).

She also had her 4th visit with the home PT today and FINALLY let the poor woman do her job. She cried through most of the first 3 sessions but today she was in the mood to play and didn't really cry until the last 10 minutes when she'd had enough. Her PT & I were very pleased with a good solid 40 minutes of stretching & exercising.

Oh yeah, and here's something that's good for a laugh. Remember how I mentioned that Raya had horrible diaper rash from all the bile that goes through her now that wasn't before? Well, the GI doctor saw it the other day and told me it looked terrible (which I already knew) and wrote 2 different prescriptions for it. One was for nystatin (for yeasty rashes) and the other one was aquaphor+some kind of medicine. I was expecting 2 little tubes of ointment. I got one little tube of ointment and this beast:
In case you can't tell, it's huge. It's about 16 oz of ointment.

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