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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

While On Hold, Part 2

I wrote a blog post while I was on hold. Here's what the girls did while I was on hold:
See how many things she could cram into the empty Christmas tree box

Pretend to pour Raya's Pedialyte into Mommy's shoe.
(I know, at least she was only pretending, right? :)

And this one decided to take off her long-sleeved, snap-crotch shirt,
(NOOOO idea how she did that, she's not that coordinated! Maybe
she had help...), unplug her feeding pump bag from her extension
tube, leak formula all over the carpet from the bag and from her
extension tube (i.e. straight from the ol' intestine), and
rip the gauze out from around the GJ tube.

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