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Monday, December 13, 2010

We made it

Here is a brief summary of our day, starting last night:

11:30pm-went to bed
3:something-o'clock: woke up in a panic wondering if I had slept through my alarm, went back to sleep
4:30-alarm went off, I got up. Ever notice how when you have to be at the airport, it's way easier to get out of bed when the alarm goes off?
5:15-woke Donny up
5:35-left the house
5:45-Raya threw up in the car
6:15-ish-got to the airport, took a detour through terminal 4's departures area (dumb airport road construction!)
6:30-pulled out my 1 quart bag of liquids & put it on the conveyor belt. Then pulled out Raya's multiple bags of liquids, 5 medication bottles, sterile water, pedialyte, and the ice packs that were keeping it all cold, set off metal detector by walking through it with a feeding pump which was attached to her.
6:35- commence thorough pat-downs
6:45- pat-downs done, dignity mostly intact, cleaned formula off of my jacket, boots, and out of my bag of liquids (it was EVERYWHERE) because TSA guy didn't put the lids back on tightly.
7:00-start waiting for 9:10am flight, Raya got bored so she threw up, I caught it all, yay me.
8:40-get gate check ticket for stroller
9:10-still not in plane, flight attendants "stuck in traffic on the 202 because of an accident", entire gate area groans in unison
9:40-original flight crew still MIA, replacements show up
10:15-ish- FINALLY take off an hour late
*Raya cries pretty much the entire duration of the flight except for 15 minutes in which I chugged my ginger ale & ate my yucky cookies*
1:50pm Memphis time- get off plane and walk as fast as possible from one end of the Memphis airport to the OPPOSITE end of Memphis airport, get taunted by delicious smelling BBQ place I don't have time to eat at & bathroom I don't have time to use
1:55pm-get to gate & go straight onto plane. TINY plane. Get cozy in seat 2A.
2:15pm-after EVERYBODY is on the plane, crabby flight attendant tells people across aisle from me that one of them has to trade places with me because there's not enough oxygen masks on my side.
*repeat performance of first flight with less vomiting/dry heaving*
5pm columbus time- still on plane, which is late
5:30-finally land in frosty Columbus
5:45- meet up with awesome friend Jamie and her hubby who take us out to dinner (where Raya vomited again) and deliver us safely to the Ronald McDonald House

the end

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