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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Test #1

Raya was admitted to the hospital today to start her first test. It's called an impedence test and it measures the acid and non-acid reflux for 24 hours. I'm not sure which she hates more, the probe in her nose that's probably giving her flashbacks of her NG tube or the "welcome sleeves" they put on her arms to keep them straight so she can't rip the probe out of her nose. :)
So far the hospital is nice. It's huge, and part of that hugeness means PRIVATE ROOMS. No offense, PCH, but there is DEFINITELY something to be said for private rooms. Unfortunately because the impedence test requires that certain data be recorded by a human being & not just by the box that's collecting the data, Raya will have a tech with her for the next 24 hours. I may just sleep at the RMH tonight to avoid embarrassing myself in my sleep. Not kidding. Okey doke, better get back to the girl. Oh, LAMEST thing, I can't use my cell phone in the room. That would be fine if ANYBODY that I would be talking to had a local phone number. I guess calling cards aren't as antiquated as I thought. :)

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