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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Survive first night apart: check

We survived. :) Raya only woke up once while I was gone (from 10:30 last night until 6:30 this morning) and of COURSE, in spite of me praying that she'd throw up a ton and dry heave her little head off so they can see what she's like at her worst, the little stinker had a great morning and only gagged a little when I laid her down to change her diaper & she was mad about it.
She's been behaving much better today. She likes the girl that's been monitoring her all morning and that always helps. I like her too. In about 3 hours we'll be able to take the probe out of her nose and she'll get a little bit of freedom (other than being hooked up to the feeding pump) until tonight when they put an IV in. She has to be NPO (no food/liquids) from midnight until her test tomorrow so they'll give her IV fluids to keep her hydrated. I've already asked them to have the IV team ready since she's almost impossible difficult to get a vein on. They said IV team is on until 11 pm so they'd better do it before then! They'll also draw labs for allergy testing then. I'm a little confused/disappointed about the fact that her allergist only ordered the IgE and not a food panel, which is more specific. The IgE only indicates whether or not there are allergies but is not specific about what type of allergies. Oh well, I know the doctor is a good doctor and I'm sure he has his reasons for only ordering that one test.
The manometry test that we're doing tomorrow sounds pretty interesting. They'll take out her GJ tube (crossing fingers they'll be able to get it back in...) and they'll put a tube that has a lot of little tiny tubes in it through her stoma (aka the hole where her GJ tube goes). The tube will go from her small intestine up through her stomach and possibly partially into her esophagus but I'm not sure about that. The little tiny tubes have water in them and somehow measure the coordination and strength of the contractions in the GI tract. They'll monitor her for a couple hours without any food in her digestive tract and then they'll probably put some formula into her stomach. That should be fun since she hasn't had food in her stomach for 6 weeks now. :) They'll monitor her for a while that way to see how her system reacts to food. I'm not sure if they'll do anything else besides that or not but that's pretty much how it will go. Then they'll put her GJ tube back in.

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