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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Could someone please explain to me how it is fair that I have spent the last year of my life continuously cleaning up large amounts of various types of vomit, flown across the friggin' country cleaning up more vomit the entire trip and getting groped by TSA because of all the liquids we're traveling with, and then when we get to where they actually have the technology to diagnose the problem and all of a sudden there's miraculously no more vomiting? I'm sure it will resume the minute we check out of the hospital tomorrow. In the 6 hours that Raya had the manometry probe placed today, she didn't throw up even once. Not even when they squirted 2 oz of formula into her stomach (which hasn't had ANYTHING in it for almost 2 months and has NEVER had formula go into it that fast before). When she was done being monitored, Dr. D said (in his little Italian accent), "Don' worry, iss okay. It is what it is, we just use what we get today an' I look over it tonight an' we do gastric emptying study tomorrow an' talk in de afternoon before you go home." Well okay then. Good thing he's a smart doctor because her body is really trying to make things difficult. One more night, 2 more tests, and 2 very long flights home.

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