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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Raya's veins don't like to have anything put into them or taken out of them. It took 2 different members of the IV team, 5 needle pokes in 3 body parts, 4 people holding her still, and 2 hours to get an IV in her tonight. It's not that the people working on her didn't know what they were doing or weren't good at their jobs, she's just really difficult to get a vein on and she's a really slow bleeder, which also meant that we weren't able to get the 1ml of blood we needed for the allergy lab. By the time they actually got a functional IV in, they weren't about to risk losing it just to get that lab and I didn't blame them. Nicole from PCH's IV team, we love and appreciate you even more now and we really missed you tonight!

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  1. Henry had troubles with the IV's too. They poked both arms, both feet and finally had to do a scalp vein. Uck. Then to keep him from messing with it, they put a cup over it and taped the crap out of it. He looked like a wacky unicorn with an off-center horn. I'll have to post a picture of the indignity. :)


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