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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Went home

after 1 bag of mini chips ahoy, 1 can of pringles, 75 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, hours and hours of House Hunters, 5 roommates, 3 different hospital rooms, $55 of hospital cafeteria food, 3 short trips home, 20 little cups of cran-grape juice, 14 nights on a lopsided plastic couch w/a plastic-covered pillow, 1.5 completed crochet projects, 4 visits from friends, 6 visits from Daddy, 1 visit from Grandma, 3 visits from the big kids, 16 different nurses, 10 needle pokes from 5 different people, 3 different IVs, a countless number of crib bedding changes, 3 diagnostic tests/procedures, 4 new prescriptions, an hour long ordeal at the pharmacy trying to get Raya's 4 new prescriptions, and 15 LOOOOOONG days, we're home.
Ready to go home!!

now to write about a million thank you notes and try to catch up on everything I got behind on in the last 2 weeks...

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