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Monday, November 22, 2010

Raya wins this time

Friday morning I could have SWORN the c. diff was back/still here. I gave her the last dose of her flagyl (side note, I think that's a dumb name for a medication and I'm glad we're done with it just so I don't have to say or write "flagyl" anymore) and then I went to change her poopy diaper and it seemed very c. diff-ish to me. I collected a sample and called the doctor's office. Since her nurse was getting married Friday & her doctor was at the wedding, there was nothing we could do over the weekend. We continued to wear gloves while changing her diapers all weekend and then this morning they called and said that the test came back negative. Halle-friggin'-lujah! It's been a whole MONTH since she got it.
For some reason, her g tube output has been abnormally high today (as in over 200ml/about 7 oz) but at least the c. diff is gone (knock on wood!). And speaking of g tube output, we really REALLY need to figure out a better way to collect her drainage. This 3oz plastic bottle dangling from her stomach thing has gotten really old. Especially when it pops off and leaks on the floor. Any ideas are welcome. This is what we use right now:
We use the lid from a regular baby bottle that has the tip cut off, and put a straight port extension tube through the opening. We put a couple of layers of 2 different kinds of tape to make sure it doesn't come apart (ha ha) and put the lid on the bottle. It's an effective way of getting an accurate measurement of how much drainage she has in a day, which is very important, but it's cumbersome. It gets in her way a lot, especially when she's crawling around, trying to walk, or when she rolls around in her bed. It's gotten caught & pulled apart several times in the month that we've been using it and sometimes it leaks. And last but not least, it looks gross and I'm tired of feeling like people are staring, not that I can blame them. So if anybody has some bright ideas about how we could do this differently, I'm open for suggestion.

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