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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More VERY Exciting News!!

I got a phone call this morning from a nurse at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio and they put Raya on the schedule for December 13-17!!!! My first reaction was pretty much shock since the lady I talked to in October told me they wouldn't even be calling to schedule her for a couple of months and that it would be 4-6 months before she could get in. Maybe that letter Raya's GI doctor wrote that was pretty much begging them to get her in sooner worked. :) Anyway, it's still a tentative date but she should be calling me back sometime today to give me the final date. (**She called back & we're all set.**) Then the real work begins, i.e. making travel arrangements and bracing myself for taking Raya+feeding pump+formula bag+6 medications (4 of which are refrigerated)+syringes/gauze/scissors/medical tape+ice packs+G tube drainage bottle+regular luggage through the super fun new TSA full body scanners, etc. SOOOO not excited about the actual travel part of it but very VERY excited that we're going soon!

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  1. Ok, you can do this! I've flow with Henry twice without Noah, and each time, it was just a weekend trip, so diaper bag + large backpack + car seat (check it at the gate, it should be free) + pump bag and I survived.
    I carried on bottles of milk & meds w/ice packs, they just check them once you're through security. Once I got in the airport, I strategically placed things on my body so that they would be easy to pull off and put on the conveyor belts, and then walked through with Henry. Most of the time there was a nice person who would offer help. Take it. I didn't at first, but soon realized it's worth it. Same thing for on the plane, I'd figure out the order in which to carry/put things on so that I could make as smooth a transition as possible from the aisle of the plane to the seat.
    Anything medical they don't bat an eye at. I worried about Henry's meds because they were not in 3oz bottles. I thought they might toss them, but they just swiped them with their little bomb sponges and sent me on my way. One thing about security though, they usually would tear apart my carry-on (camera, bottles of liquids, things that look questionable) and it was a bitch to pack it back up the way I had it, but not a huge deal. At least Raya can sit up. Little hard to put 3 month old Henry down.
    You'll do fine. If they give you any flack, just be prepared to bust out the momma bear/medical necessity/do I look like I'm going to blow up a plane with this beautiful little babe in my arms? attitude and you should be ok.
    Good luck!


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