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Thursday, November 4, 2010

In case you were wondering what a GJ tube looks like

Formula goes in the J (jejunal port) and we drain her stomach contents from the G (gastric port)


  1. My son's GI doctor is talking about placing a GJ. He already has a Mickey button. I haven't gotten to ask him all my questions yet (he was suppose to call yesterday but hasn't yet). His nurse told me he would have a tube in all the time. This looks more like the Mickey button. Is this what all GJs look like? Does Raya have a GJ?

    1. There are different kinds of GJ tubes. Some hospitals don't use the button-style tubes but ours does, so Raya's was a MicKey GJ button. (she's back on a G tube now but had the GJ for 10 months) We did have extensions hooked to the button all the time to feed her to the J port and drain/vent her from the G port but it sounds like your dr/nurse might be talking about a long PEG style GJ tube. We don't have any personal experience with PEG style tubes but I would highly recommend asking for a GJ button instead of a PEG GJ. They are much easier to manage and take care of and have less risk of breakage or damage than a PEG GJ. Right now, the only GJ buttons on the market are the MicKey GJ and the AMT G-Jet.


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