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Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to entertain yourself at the hospital

How to entertain yourself at the hospital:
Play with your plastic puke pan

Make the "O" face so nurses will laugh & tell you you're cute

Take baths without leaving your crib
Play peek-a-boo with your hospital-issued pants that won't stay on
Play with your diaper. Not that one, the OTHER diaper. You know, the one draining your G tube?
Smash your nose against the plastic on the top rail of the cage crib
Stand on toys to make yourself taller and make them play music with your feet
Stare out the window at traffic flying by on the freeway (or in rush hour, stare at traffic standing still on the freeway)
Watch the sunrise since it's too bright in your room to sleep after sunrise :)
Hug your big sister when she comes to visit
Have a party at your crib at 3 am
Give everyone the puppy dog face to see if they'll let you go home
Be really excited to see Daddy so Mommy won't feel guilty about going home to take a shower
Dress up in your Halloween costume for 5 minutes when the big kids come to show you their costumes
Try to figure out how to crawl with an IV in your hand and a bottle hanging from your G tube

Yell. A lot. For no apparent reason.

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  1. Love, love, love her! I really need to meet and squeeze her in person. She is just too much cuteness!!!


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