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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Garbage disposals are disgusting

I was cleaning the kitchen today (shocking, yes) and thanks to its small size, which made it hard to see, a little bitty syringe met a tragic death in the garbage disposal:
The real tragedy was that I then had to reach into the garbage disposal, which I'm pretty sure is one of the most vile and creepy places on earth, to get all of the little tiny pieces of the syringe out of the disposal. After fishing around for a minute, I thought I had gotten all of it so I turned the disposal back on and more pieces came flying back out at me, which was much better than having to go in after them. We'll be more careful with the little tiny syringes from now on. :)

Then another gross thing happened. I was sitting at the table working on a sewing project that keeps getting interrupted when Raya crawled up my leg. Then I caught a whiff of the horrible smell that is her stomach contents and it was much stronger than usual. I looked down to see why and saw this:
That would be the bottle that's SUPPOSED to be attached to Raya's G tube to drain her stomach so she doesn't throw up as much and so that we can measure how much comes out of her in a day so that we know if she needs more fluids replaced. It was gross and smelly but not as gross as when she started throwing up today and simultaneously had the yellow stuff coming out her mouth, drainage tube, and from the port on her Mic-key button. Bless her little heart.

And last but not least, this is Raya's evening cocktail:
There are 6 of them right now but we'll be dropping one of them after Friday. (Do you see why I'm obsessive about writing everything down?) Here they are standing in a nice, neat row:
I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love #1 because it helps her to not gag loudly all night long but I hate that it's such a tiny microscopic dose (0.35ml, annoying). #2 helps reduce the amount that she throws up & that drains out of her stomach but it has an undesirable side effect and it's very sticky and smells like banana (don't like banana) and those nice little blue caps don't fit on it so it's hard to not make a mess with it. #3 has been delightful, I just hate that she got c. diff twice and needed it at all. #4 is heaven-sent and I love it even more because our copay for it suddenly dropped by $35. I don't mind #5 except that it can't be given within 2 hours of #4 but it smells like strawberry. #6 is a capsule that I have to dump the powder out of and mix with 5ml of water and then add it to her formula twice a day (or just put it in her J tube if/when I forget to put it in the formula) which can be a pain but it smells like yeast which reminds me of fresh baked bread. And there you have it. Hopefully soon we can cut a couple of them out of the routine.

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