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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bacon Part II and another GI appointment

We fed the baby bacon again. This time went even better than last time. Before Raya came along, I never would have guessed that seeing my 1 year old play with and "eat" bacon would make me so happy. :)
We started out slow this time. She wanted nothing to do with it as long as Mommy was holding it so she ripped it out of my hand and started to pull it apart:

Tried to remember what to do with it:

Pulled it apart a little more:

(I missed the shot of one of the kids putting it in her mouth and the shot of all 3 kids trying to shove it in her mouth at the same time :)


Testing out the new teeth (she has 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top now):

Loving all the attention from the big kids:

Practicing spitting it out, which is also very exciting because her typical reaction is gagging & vomiting:

Starting to panic a little when crumbs broke off in her mouth:

Using fingers to try & get bacon back out of her mouth (again, very exciting because normally she gags & vomits to get things out of her mouth):

I love BACON!! :)

Raya's other favorite thing in life besides bacon is Daddy:
Not sure what's up with the little tongue hanging out. It's been doing that again lately.

She loves to give really hard hugs and pat (i.e. hit) you when she hugs you. It's very cute but sometimes it hurts. She's strong. :)

Life would be dull without Raya around. :) She saw her GI doctor today. We took her this picture that was taken in January the day before our first appointment with her and a current picture. Her doctor looked at the first picture and just shook her head and said, "Wow, look at that. Her face just begs for help." She looked so skinny and frail and her coloring was terrible. Even her arms & legs were pale. The difference between 10 months ago and now is pretty amazing. She weighed 9.9kg today (21 lbs 13 oz) and I honestly can't believe how huge she is. She's growing out of clothes that Kaida was wearing at 16-18 months and for once I have a kid who can actually wear pants that don't have an adjustable waistband. :) Other than that (and a couple of vomiting episodes), the appointment was pretty uneventful. I told her about a couple of bad days that Raya had, like the day that her G tube drained 273ml (a little over 9 oz) and she threw up 3 or 4 times the same day. Some people have bad hair days but since she doesn't have much hair yet, Raya has bad motility days. :) Dr. S told me that those are the kinds of things that I need to write down so that I remember to tell the doctors in Ohio. I have my little notebooks (Raya: vol. 1-3) that have EVERYTHING written in them, but I'm going to have to go through and mark all of the important stuff I guess. Otherwise I'll never find what I need when I need it. I also chatted with her about the RIDICULOUS problems we're having with the insurance co. over Raya's formula & pedialyte, got updated rXs for her meds and adjusted a couple of the dosages, and talked to the nurse about getting a letter for TSA about Raya's medical supplies that we'll be flying with. I booked my ticket this morning so we're getting our ducks in a row. We leave 2 weeks from today and I can't believe we're going so soon but I'm looking forward to it. Except for the cold. There's a reason I don't live in Idaho anymore and the reason is cold. :)

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  1. Adjustable waistband jeans rock!!! I'm 22 and wear a size 16 girls regular jeans with adjustable waistband in them. I'm finally gaining weight after coming off steroids. I weighed 79.6 at the doctor's office in October and now weigh 86.2 or something like that. My name is pronounced "Gee-anna" b/c so many people (read: doctors and nurses) have mispronounced my name. I've gotten good at listening for my last name anytime I'm seeing a new doctor b/c I know without a doubt that they're going to mispronounce my first name. I only weighed 1 lb. when I was born. I'm now 4'9.5" tall. I can pass for an 11 year old at times!!


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