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Saturday, October 23, 2010

What the heck, we're already here so let's just stay until Tuesday

Long story short, we got a horrible roommate (very cute girl but she's on isolation, which I'm SOOOOOOO ticked about since my kid is healthy), I complained about the tech taking Isolation Girl's temperature without putting on a gown & gloves, I complained about having Isolation Girl in the room with my otherwise healthy child, the GI doctor came for a visit & after discussing the less-than-desirable results of what we've done so far has decided we'll be here until Tuesday or Wednesday (I'm ok w/that plan because it's what she needs), and I've spent the entire morning listening to Isolation Girl's obnoxious dad argue with the nurses, doctors, and social workers about taking her home. Apparently he's mad that they can't make her lab cultures grow faster and he wants to take her home to wait for the results instead of letting her stay here on IV fluids. I was all for them going home if it meant that I wouldn't have to listen to Isolation Girl's mommy suck snot down her throat all day & night or her dad argue in broken English about what she does & doesn't have. And my baby smells like a skunk now because we're draining the fluid out of her stomach every 3 hours so she won't throw it up. I'd rather have her smell like formula puke. And her well-intentioned nurse is running a test for c. diff (an infection that causes diarrhea & is most common after antibiotics, which Raya hasn't had) because her poopy diaper smelled funny today so she's on isolation until the test results come back, which means she has no way of getting away from Isolation Girl and her family. I asked to either have her moved or have Raya moved because the last thing my vomiting child needs is to get an actual virus that would make her vomit more.
For everybody who has told me what a great positive attitude I have about everything, I just wanted you to see that I'm human too and today I'm angry and I do not have a great attitude. :)

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