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Monday, October 25, 2010

Things that have made me smile today

In an effort to keep Angry Mommy away, I shall recount a list of things that have made me smile and/or laugh today in no particular order:

1. Raya putting a bucket over her face & crying into it when she was getting labs drawn this morning. It was pitiful but funny.

2. When our male teenage roommate told me that when I slept through Raya vomiting once really early this morning, he pushed his nurse call button and told them to come check on her. I was impressed. He's a very sweet boy. :)

3. Hearing all the noise Kaida & 2 of her cousins were making this afternoon.

4. Getting the picture from Donnys mom of the big kids getting on the school bus with their friends.

5. When we were waiting for Raya to get an x-ray to make sure her J tube hadn't moved out of position, there was a lady in the hallway with her granddaughter who was waiting for an x-ray too. She started asking everybody else what they were here for. One girl said she hurt her hand & was getting it x-rayed, I gave her a VEEERRRRY condensed version of Raya's issues, and then she asked the teenage girl behind me, "What happened to you?" The girl's answer was a very matter-of-fact, "A fight." I had to stifle laughter. Fighting totally isn't funny but that was. :)

6. Telling the tech that took Raya's temperature that she was supposed to wipe down the thermometer before & after she did Raya's temperature with it. (that smile was kind of a vindictive one and I kept it on the inside)

7. Chatting with the ladies (yes, it took 2 of them) who took Raya's blood for her labs. They were funny.

8. Skyping with my grandparents & everybody else at my sister's house.

9. The awesome basket of junk food, gossip magazines, pajama pants, and cute toy for Raya that my awesome friends dropped off while I was napping (sorry I missed you Tarah!).

10. The giant tub of antibacterial wipes and box of gloves they gave me after I complained discussed my concerns with the charge nurse today so that i can clean things to my satisfaction.

11. The irony of the junk email I got today that said "Have a local maid service clean up after you" because that's pretty much how it works here. :)
This was from a couple days ago. She was yelling just for fun which is usually funny for the first 5-10 seconds. After that it just hurts my head. :)

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