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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revisiting EES

Yesterday, Dr. M (the on-call GI dr) said that if Raya's G tube output stayed below 200 and if she continued to gain weight today, he could be persuaded to send her home. She must really really like it here. Her G tube output was 218 and her weight dropped from 9.465 to 9.40, which is a loss of about 2oz. The "external digestion" we're doing with her now has also made her more likely to get diaper rash because of the increased acidity so we're slathering on the Aquaphor. It's good stuff. :)
The new thing we're adding to the regimen today is Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate (EES). It is an antibiotic that in low doses can increase gastric motility. In other words, it's supposed to make her stomach drain faster. She was on EES for about 6 weeks this summer and although it never decreased the frequency of her vomiting, it did decrease the amount that she was throwing up for part of the time she was taking it. This time around, the hope is that if we can encourage more of the stomach acid to move through her digestive tract, we will be draining less of it from her G tube and there wouldn't be as much concern about her getting dehydrated or being able to maintain her weight gain.
So she's not going home yet but on the bright side, now I'll get to watch the 1 hour Sister Wives special with Natalie Morales tonight and I can keep enjoying the delicious $1.30 waffles from the cafeteria. As a sidenote, I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing people eat refried beans for breakfast.

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