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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A new personal record

Back in the day when I did track & cross country, a new personal record (PR) was a very exciting thing. Raya has set 2 new PRs that aren't exciting at all though. She PR'd in vomiting yesterday setting a new personal record of 9 vomits in 1 day. To make it worse, now that she's not being fed into her stomach anymore all that comes out is bile. It smells like a cross between a skunk and poop, so you can imagine how much I look forward to cleaning that up all the time when we go home. Can I please have the formula vomit back?? Her other PR is for the longest hospital stay. I could have lived without either of those. :)
And speaking of going home, in light of yesterday's PR and the fact that she's working really hard today to hit a new PR (she threw up 5 times by 9:00am), AND the fact that her weight has dropped from 9.17kg to 9.08kg (or for normal people, she lost about an ounce), I'll be REEEEEALLLY surprised if we get to go home today. Which will be awesome since our new roommate is on isolation for fevers, vomiting & diarrhea of unknown cause AND either she or her mom keeps doing that thing where they suck snot down their throat really loud and I want to gag every time I hear it. I may actually go crazy.
Oh, and to top it off, when I asked the nurse why they had put a non-contact patient in with my healthy baby, they said it was a bed availability issue and not to worry because they're both in diapers so there's very little chance of transfer. Um, HELLO! We're in the same friggin' hospital room and we use the same garbage can & linen hamper and touch the same door handles! Oh, but the real kicker is that 5 minutes after I asked about that, she came back in all suited up with the gloves & gown they use for isolation patients and said that because of the strange smell of Raya's last poopy diaper, they had decided to test her for c. diff so now she's on isolation too until the lab result comes back. AAAAHHHHHHH. I think they're trying to kill me.

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