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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GJ Tube: Take 2

After a long evening of Raya crying for about 3 hours, wanting to go to bed but not wanting to lay down, not being able to stand up because of the IV in her foot that kinked every time she stood up, Raya FINALLY ended up going to sleep around 10:30 last night. We both had a terrible night's sleep with lots of interruptions but such is life at the hospital, right? Her last feed ended at 2pm yesterday afternoon and since then she's had no formula or anything but medications into her stomach. She's been on IV fluids to keep her hydrated but nothing else. She's surprisingly content anyway other than being bored out of her little mind and getting mad that I won't let her crawl around but I think it's just because she's used to her stomach not feeling good so a little hunger doesn't affect her much. She still threw up this morning after 17 hours of not being fed and their scales said that she'd gained 8 oz overnight even without being fed. I think they need to calibrate. :)
So the plan for today is to take her back into Interventional Radiology (IR) around 3:00 this afternoon and try once again to put in the GJ tube. If they're successful, we might get to go home today but I'm not holding my breath because we've heard that line many times before 2 days into our 5 day hospital stays. :) Hopefully they'll be able to get it in this time!

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