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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Did I mention...

Did I mention that Donny has been out of town since last Sunday? yeah. He's missed out on all the fun this week but he's back now (or at least he should be, I haven't talked to him yet) so SOMETIME today, I will be going home to shower without having to think about everybody else's cooties that are in the shower (let's just say that the parent bathrooms & shower are not the focus of the cleaning crew's elbow grease :) and I'll get to see the big kids for a little bit. Raya will be very excited to see all of them too. She's missed her daddy a lot. Every time I've put the phone up to her ear when I'm talking to him, she gets so excited and her face just lights up.
As far as the little missy goes, I'm pretty sure we're going to need to do some more adjustments with her feeding & draining. Things are better but not quite where they need to be. We're still waiting on the results of the c. diff test but we did get moved to another room. We couldn't get out of that room fast enough! Since Raya was non-contact because the results of her test were pending, they told me that they had to put her in with another non-contact patient (OH, you mean like how they put a non-contact patient in with my HEALTHY child?!?) so we shared a room with a teenage boy last night. Awkward, I know. He's leaving today though and hopefully Raya's test results will come back negative and Infectious Disease Control will be kind enough to take her off isolation so she can leave her room. That would be fabulous. :)

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