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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another yucky "first"

When Raya had her NG tube, I got really good at recognizing the distinctive whine-gag-cough-cry pattern that meant she had pulled the tube out of her nose. I hated hearing that. It meant that I'd have a puddle to clean up and then I'd get to hog tie and sit on her so I could put the tube back in her nose. Then we'd kiss & make up and she'd be on her merry way. I naively thought our days of tubes being pulled out were over when we got rid of the NG tube, or at least I hoped they were. BUUUUUUUUT no. Raya reminded me this evening that a G tube can also be pulled out when the right amount of force is applied by a crawling infant who is not wearing her backpack and it gets caught on the corner of the couch.
So I was sorting through a big fat stack of documents that need to be shredded and I heard her cry but it was more than the usual little whiny cry. It was more like "one of my older siblings tried to help me walk and then dropped me" or "Kaida's poking my eyeballs out again" crying so I went to see what happened. Ashtyn was holding something in her hand and muttered something about they were playing and weren't watching her and she pulled the tube out of her stomach. Fabulous.
If I hadn't been concerned about A. keeping as much of her formula in her stomach as possible and B. putting it back in before the hole started to close, I would have taken the time to take a picture. I didn't want to screw anything up though so I pretty much just hurried up & did it. It worked out good anyway because I had been meaning to give Donny the "what to do if Raya's tube gets ripped out while I'm gone" tutorial so I gave it to him while he held her down. Hook syringe to water port, suck water out of balloon with syringe, put tube back in hole, reinflate balloon with syringe, put new gauze around it. The end.
It really wasn't as dramatic as I had thought it would be. It's kind of like after you get a new car and you're paranoid about getting that first dent in it. Then after you get a dent in it you can relax because you've been there & done that & don't have to worry about experiencing that unpleasant "first" again.

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