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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

6 hours down, 18 to go

Happy Raya went away and I don't know where to find her. A crabby girl who's tired of her little cage hospital bed has taken her place. They're probably waiting for me to come back upstairs because I'm sure she's throwing fits again but she's driving me crazy and I needed a break! I feel sorry for the teenage girl that's our roommate but on the bright side, it should be good birth control for her. :)
Raya has had about 6 hours of Pedialyte in her J tube now and things look fine so far. We took her IV out a few minutes ago so unless she starts throwing up or needs labs, she won't have to get poked again. She's going to get about 24 hours of Pedialyte before transitioning her back to her formula. Her GI doctor will be on rounds tomorrow so we'll get to see her sometime and I'm crossing my fingers that Raya feels good enough to go home then. Being here does things to a person even if it is just a couple of days. I can only imagine what some of these poor parents go through when their kids are here for weeks and months at a time. The bad news is that since we're staying another night, I will need to take a shower in the yucky parents' shower. Fun. Good thing I brought flip flops.

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