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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're in hour 22 of Raya's 24 hour pH monitoring. This will hopefully be the last test we have to do before she has surgery in July. Apparently it's usually done as an inpatient and it's rather unorthodox for it to be done outside of the hospital. I must have scored enough brownie points with our GI doctor that she had mercy on me and let us do it at home. Yay for no hospital copay. :) I might have gotten a better night's sleep there though. :)
For this test, we checked in at the hospital at 10:00 and waited in pre-op until 11:30 when they took her back to endoscopy to have the pH probe put in. Luckily, she's pretty easy to entertain still. They gave her a little stuffed bird with fuzzy hair and she chewed on it for a while & then went to sleep. :)
They placed the pH probe & since it's thin, they were able to get it in the same side as the NG tube. Then we waited for about 45 minutes for the doctor to come and when she got there, she was unhappy that the nurses hadn't started Raya on apple juice because she wanted to see how she'd tolerate it before she sent us home. We started apple juice at 1:15 and finished an hour later and then waited for the doctor to come back again.
I had no idea we'd be at the hospital that long so they were nice enough to give me a bag of teddy grahams, goldfish crackers & some chocolate milk and hold her for 5 minutes so I could go to the bathroom. (slight sarcasm intended :) They finally sent us on our way a little after 3:00.
This is why we haven't left the house for more than 10 minutes since we got home from the hospital:
She's getting pretty heavy herself and when you add in all her extra baggage, I have very little desire to take her anywhere. :) I seriously don't know how moms of babies with multiple pieces of medical equipment (feeding pump, O2 monitor, oxygen, etc) ever go anywhere!
Of course she's been just as happy as can be the whole time she's been on the monitor, the little stinker. This will probably come back normal too. I don't know what a normal esophageal pH should be but it hasn't been too far below neutral most of the time except when she's throwing up & it dips down around 4.
Since I've kind of given up on the idea of any of these tests showing anything abnormal that might be useful, I'm just looking forward to noon when I can take off that mess of tape & put fresh tape on her cute little face instead. :)

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