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Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's up with Raya? (Wed 1-20-10)

Just thought I'd post a little info about Raya. After her check-up last week, there was concern about her slow SLOW weight gain & frequent vomiting, so we saw a GI specialist. She was also very concerned about the lack (well, more like absence) of baby fat on her & made some changes to our feeding procedures & her medication dosing & had me bring her back Monday for a weight check. She had a really rough weekend & didn't keep much down at all, so it was no surprise that she hadn't gained anything by Monday. That evening the specialist called me back & asked me to take Raya in to Phoenix Children's Hospital for some tests & so that she could get some fluids since she was a little dehydrated, and so we could get her some quick nutrition. So that's where we're at now, she's had several tests done & so far the results have been good, meaning nothing requiring surgery. Her stomach isn't emptying like it's supposed to, which is why she can spit up her medicine 5 hours after taking it and stain her clothes. :) For the time being, she is on high-calorie formula through a tube in her nose. She's had one feed like that & seemed to tolerate it pretty well, so hopefully she'll start to turn the corner & we can get out of here. We're going through roommates faster than we can change our underwear. So far they've all been sweet but I won't lie, I was NOT sad to see Pablo, the appendectomy-with-headlice boy go home. :)
Anyway, I REALLY appreciate all of the help and offers for help and especially the prayers that have been offered on our behalf. It means a lot to us and we feel very loved. :) I'll update when there's more to update and hopefully it will be from home, not from the computer that I had to stand in line & give a few people the evil eye in order to use. :)

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