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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slowly letting go (Wed 2-24-10)

If you don't like reading about my sentimental attachment to frozen breastmilk, then skip this post. :)

I have a lot of this in my freezer right now. 3.05 gallons, to be exact. 390.5 ounces of liquid gold which represents approximately 15.5 hours of my life over the past month. That's a lot of games of Scrabble on my DS. It's also taking up a lot of space in my freezer. I get a little misty whenever I shove it out of the way to try and find something to cook for dinner because I know that Raya may not ever get to use it. Because of that, I've come to terms with the idea of getting rid of some of it. All good things must eventually come to an end, I just didn't think it would happen quite so soon. Thankfully, there's someone who wants to use some of it so it won't go to waste. Baby C, I hope you enjoy every last drop of it and I also hope you don't waste away to nothing when your mommy feeds it to you since it's apparently a lowfat product. :)

Last Saturday marked a whole month since I had nursed her. It might have just been the busy week catching up to me, but I was feeling a little sentimental that night. When she woke up in the very very early morning hours, we snuggled up on the couch and I let her nurse. I figured it wouldn't really hurt her since she'd already been puking again that weekend anyway. :) I think it was just what we both needed because we both went right back to sleep until a couple hours later when we were disrupted by the other kids climbing on us and fighting. :)

I've been taking little baby steps towards letting go of the idea of being able to breastfeed Raya again. It's hard being told that nursing your baby is detrimental to her health. It was a huge help when the doctor switched her to the formula she's on now because even though she still doesn't smell like she did before formula, she smells 100x better than she did on formula #1. It's really sad when you don't like the way your own baby smells. The new formula smells better, her spit-up smells better, and she just smells better in general. The poop on the other hand... Well, anyways, I'm very grateful for the new formula.

A big step that I took a couple weeks ago was returning my faithful companion to the store I rented it from:

It served me well for 3 months but it was time to let it go.

And on a lighter note, Kaida has been quite entertaining lately. She walked into my room a couple days ago looking like this:

and I just about died laughing. I don't even remember what she had in her shirt but she was pretty proud of her "tummy". I texted the picture to a few people and my brother was kind enough to point out that she's already bigger than her mother. :)
She's been saying some pretty funny things lately too. Yesterday I was getting her ready to go somewhere and she grabbed my earlobes and said, "Mommy, are you bringing your ears?" I told her that I was and she said, "Ok, I bring my eyes, okay Mommy?" She's grasping the concept of friends now and has been referring to Ashtyn and Cole as "my friends", which of course is cute.
Our recent favorite with Kaida though is the following conversation, which happens SEVERAL times a day:
Kaida: Mommy, does penguins had wings anymore?
Me: Yes, Kaida, penguins have wings.
Kaida: They don't fly?
Me: No, they don't fly, they just swim.
Kaida: Ok.
Sometimes she adds, "Penguins jump on the couch?" and I tell her that penguins always obey their mommies and don't jump on the couch. We've been having this conversation pretty much since November when she first saw the Merry Madagascar movie and became obsessed with penguins. We usually get asked about penguins when she's supposed to be in bed or cleaning up toys. She approaches us like she has something really important to ask us about and then out comes the penguin thing. :)
She's been playing very nicely with Ashtyn lately. (not so much with Cole) We can always tell when Ashtyn's been playing with Kaida because Kaida looks like this:

It took us 10 minutes to get everything off of her so she could eat dinner. :) Thank goodness for funny kids who make life so much more interesting!

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