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Sunday, September 5, 2010

PCH Chapters 4 and 5-ish (Tues 1-26-10)

So I've had a lot of questions asked over the past week that I will try to answer:
1. We didn't use formula before the hospital stay because I was doing an elimination diet instead to remove anything that could possibly be bothering her. (and because I hate formula) So pretty much I ate nothing but turkey, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini & yellow squash, pears, pear juice, rice chex, and chocolate rice milk for 2 weeks. It was insanely boring and time consuming but before we just quit giving her breastmilk, we needed to see if her problems were a result of something I was eating. At this point, they've allowed me to add a lot back into my diet but still no dairy, soy, nuts, shellfish, spicy food, or any gassy foods like broccoli & cabbage.
2. We didn't try soy formula because dairy and soy are the 2 main allergens that I was told to remove from my diet. (and because out of all the commonly used formulas, I hate soy the most :)
3. She doesn't have pyloric stenosis, which is good, but she can still projectile vomit 3-4 feet (as she demonstrated to me shortly after her 5 am feed this morning) and at the hospital was still able to throw up Prevacid & barium hours after swallowing them.
4. We don't know how long she'll have the NG tube or how long she'll be on the formula. The GI doctor and I both would like her to be able to go back to breastmilk, which is why I'm still not able to eat anything good. I miss cereal with real milk and ice cream.
5. We still don't know exactly what the problem is but at least she has gained some weight and stopped throwing everything up. (until this morning, anyway :)
So before we left the hospital, I asked (okay, more like begged) the nurse to find me as much of the formula as they could because it is SOOO expensive and you can't go to just any store and find it on the shelves. Since it was a Saturday, the home health care company couldn't verify if our insurance will cover the formula or not so they didn't want to order it and have us get stuck with the bill. Luckily, nurses are WONDERFUL people and our nurse Heather went to another floor just to find us more. We were able to come home with this:

(Retail value approximately $190) I'm thinking about buying stock in formula companies. Somebody is making some serious money off that stuff! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the GI doctor will let us try to transition back to breastmilk when we see her on Thursday.

In spite of having a little bit rougher day today, she is a completely different kid than when we got to the hospital. Before we went, she was fussy most of the time that she was awake, she was totally inconsistent with her sleeping & eating schedule, she spit up all the time, and she spent 4 hours every evening crying or at least needing to be held so she wouldn't cry. It was exhausting and we felt bad that none of the many, many things we were trying worked for her. After being at the hospital for a couple of days, she was put on a strict every-3-hours feeding schedule (which has also been exhausting :), she started sleeping more deeply, and the spitting up has been minimal compared to what it was before. When she's awake, she's alert & happy, and since she eats every 3 hours whether she wants to or not, she never has a chance to get hungry so she hardly cries anymore. She's also a lot more snuggly than she was before. There are still a lot of unanswered questions but she is a totally different kid.
We're pretty much used to the tube now too. She kept getting her fingers caught on it & pulling it halfway out so she gets to wear socks on her hands now. Donny likes to pretend they're boxing gloves. :)

So that's pretty much the rest of the story. I have no idea what to expect when we go back to the GI doctor on Thursday but hopefully it will be less traumatic than our last visit with her. :)

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