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Monday, September 6, 2010

Signs of Growth and More Yucky Granulation Tissue (Thurs 9-2-10)

You know your kid is growing when you refill their Prilosec and they upgrade you to the jumbo-sized bottle:

Reflux is not funny but the giant bottle totally made me laugh. We had a little glitch in getting the new prescription filled so she went for a day without it and that pretty much confirmed that she still needs it. :)

*WARNING: Gross picture ahead!!*
So the granulation tissue was doing a lot better after she had it treated by the surgeon at her follow-up & by the GI doctor at her check-up last week. It had lightened in color and gotten considerably smaller. Then she had a really violent puking session Saturday night and when we checked it Sunday morning it was huge. As in, sticking up above the height of her button huge. We treated it with silver nitrate that morning and it helped a little but it was still huge. I took this picture right before we treated it again Tuesday night:

We're supposed to be getting some medicated pads from home health to put on it but they weren't in the box with everything else yesterday. Neither were the extension tubes that we're DYING to get or the 2 inch wide foam tape that the nurse gave us to try out & works much better than most of the other things we've tried.
Aside from that we've had a pretty good week. We're slowly adjusting Raya's feeding schedule to try and give her more time off of the pump. She had PT on Tuesday and went to a practitioner of the Anat Baniel Method on Wednesday. That was a pretty cool appointment & I'll probably discuss it more later. The only drawback of it was the 120 mile round trip there & back. We're having a nice, quiet day at home today and then we have feeding therapy tomorrow.

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