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Monday, September 6, 2010

Today's installment of Awesome, Not Awesome (Thurs 7-29-10)

Raya didn't squirm too much last night which meant her pump didn't beep every 10 minutes all night long from the tube getting kinked like it did the night before

Not Awesome:
She has returned to being my vomiting alarm clock and soaked through 4 layers of bedding at 8:00 this morning

The kids made their own lunch, cleaned up after, and ate it outside

Not Awesome:
They still asked for snacks 20 minutes later

Awesome: Everybody got ready for their dentist appointments early and we were totally going to be on time.

Not Awesome: Car. Wouldn't. Start.

Awesome: My AMAZINGly NICE KIND WONDERFUL friend Caroline let me borrow her van to get to the dentist.

Not Awesome: We were late.

Awesome: They all had their teeth cleaned, nobody freaked out, and even though it was their first time (terrible of me, I know) they all had PERFECT teeth!

Not Awesome: When we came out, there was a TORRENTIAL downpour and we were all drenched in a matter of seconds

Awesome: Once we got home, we got to sit in our house and enjoy the rare HUGE afternoon thunderstorm!

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