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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Top 10 Things I Won't Miss About the NG Tube (Sun 8-8-10)

Due to our much longer than expected hospital stay, during which Raya was on isolation & therefore quarantined to her little (LITTLE TINY) hospital room, I had lots of time to sit around and think about all the things I won't (and already don't) miss about the NG tube. As promised, here are my top 10.

1. Poor little cheeks that get sore & irritated from the adhesive:

2. Hearing the distinctive whine-gag-cough-cry and then walking into the room and finding her like this:
(This picture was from right before we left to go to the hospital for her surgery on Tuesday so that time I didn't mind that she crawled out of the tube & was kind of proud of her for showing it who's boss. :)

3. Taping the tube to her clothes and then finding pieces of tape stuck to everybody else's clothes when we forgot to take it off before washing them.

4. Having her vomit the tube out her nose.

5. Sitting on top of my helpless little baby while shoving the tube back in her nose every time she pulled it out, threw it up, sneezed it out, took a bath/shower, went swimming, etc.:

(PS The final count of how many times I put her tube back in is 62. That's a lot.)

6. The extra-sensitive gag reflex she has developed.

7. Having her crawl too far away from the backpack, stretch the tube out to 3x its normal length, and then having it come unhooked from the feeding bag & snap her in the butt like a giant rubber band:

8. The port on the tube stretching out after using it for a few days, which made it loose enough to pop open & leak puddles of stomach contents wherever it may be:

This time, it was on her high chair tray. She played in the puddle for a few minutes before I realized what she was doing.

9. The annoying little pointy pink adaptor on the end of the tube that stabbed her every time she happend to roll over on it.

10. Covering up half of this darling little face with tape all the time:

Dear NG tube,
We are very grateful that you have given us a way to plump up our formerly-underweight & malnourished baby who vomits frequently and refuses to eat anything on her own. We're grateful for the lessons in patience & humility that you've taught us and grateful for the humor we've found in our experiences with you. Having said that, good riddance. :)
Raya & family :)

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