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Friday, September 17, 2010

Spoke too soon

The blood is back. Surprisingly more disgusting than last time too and there's more of it. The doctor is out of town though so we'll have to wait & see what she wants to do with this girl. I'm tentatively penciling in an endoscopy for Tuesday but won't know until after the weekend. Just when you think you have a kid more or less stabilized...

**Afternoon Update**
So after I typed that, the GI doctor called me. She's out of town and she's never called me during the day before so I was a tad surprised to hear from her. She's concerned that there may be an ulcer near the G tube site and wants to check it out. Raya asked me to let her feeding therapist know that she'll have to reschedule their appointment on Tuesday because she's going in for an endoscopy instead. (Seriously, sometimes I feel like I'm just her secretary/chauffeur!)
Since we'll be 7 weeks post- G tube placement at that point, she'll change the tube at the same time so we can get one that locks. (SO looking forward to that!) She's going to try to either get a radiologist to come in and place the GJ at the same time or else try to scope her in the radiology department so we can do all 3 things at once and avoid having to do anesthesia more than once. She's also going back on the medication she just got weaned off of (BUMMER!) and starting another one to help her iron levels. There may also be a visit with a specialist in metabolic disorders in the near future because of her organic acids being abnormal all 3 times she's had that test done. (Sidenote, if your kid's doctor ever asks you to bring frozen pee to the lab, they're probably doing an organic acids test.) Don't ask me which organic acids are off or even what that means because I don't know. Organic acids are somewhere along the lines of amino acids but I couldn't tell you much more than that and Googling things is never productive. :)
Never a dull day with Raya!

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