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Monday, September 6, 2010

T minus 3 days (Sat 7-31-10)

The final countdown until Raya's g-tube placement is underway. I'm excited but a little nervous too. I know it's the right thing for her but I still feel guilty about subjecting her to surgery & a giant plastic thing in her belly (okay, it's not giant but still.). HOWEVER, after she vomited up the NG tube AGAIN and then while playing with it, peeled the adhesive off of her sore little cheek, which made her cry, I was reminded that it is ABSOLUTELY time to do this!
Since she most likely won't be able to go swimming again this summer, the kids & I went to the pool yesterday. Thanks to the very muggy, hot day and the fact that the pool water feels like a giant bathtub, we ended up being in the water for about 2 hours. Sidenote, although spray-on sunscreen is much easier to apply to oneself, I am still not proficient at putting it on, and evidently missed my entire left shoulder and part of my right. I also completely ignored my legs and now have a sunburn on my left leg from the knee up. But not on my right leg. Sunburns are an interesting beast.
Anywhoo, in spite of a few minor meltdowns and having to walk to & from the pool thanks to the aforementioned dead car battery, we had a lovely time. Raya enjoyed her last dip in the pool for the year. I'm kind of bummed that we have NO pictures of her in the pool this year but Brandis+4 kids-Daddy=not enough hands to take pictures AND keep everyone from drowning. :) Here's Raya relaxing when we got back though. :)

Donny left a little while ago to take the 3 big kids to his parents' house for the weekend. They're being kind enough to let us leave them there until Raya gets home from the hospital. The kids are thrilled, of course, and I hope they'll behave themselves for Grandma & Grandpa! Since they won't see Raya with her NG tube again, we did a quick little camera-on-the-tripod family picture before they left. It was very much a last-minute thing, hence my appearance, but oh well. At least I'm in one, right? :)

PS If you're wondering why Raya's tongue is hanging out, we don't know. It does that a lot. Just another part of the mystery that is Raya. :)

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