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Thursday, September 23, 2010

No news is no news

I called the GI doctor's office today since I hadn't heard from her yet. I talked to the nurse & told her what questions I had for her to relay to the doctor. I asked her if she knows whether or not the doctor still wants to go ahead with the GJ tube and she said that she hadn't discussed Raya with the doctor yet so she really didn't know what the next step in the game plan is yet. She did say that Raya needs to have a GJ or J tube though and that the only way to do that is to do another surgery. Of course the doctor could come back & say something different but I'm mentally preparing myself for the next surgery anyway and trying to figure out when the best time to do it would be. Is there such a thing as a convenient time for surgery though? I've already decided that next time I'm packing more clothes just in case and that I'm going to put my foot down about the feeding schedule since that caused problems for her last time.

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