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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mommy-1 Granulation Tissue-0

Remember that nasty granulation tissue? Well look at it now:

Almost gone!! I'm SOOOO glad it's going away. Every time the gauze around it gets moved or the tube gets jostled, the granulation tissue bleeds a little bit and I think the bigger it got, the more uncomfortable it made her.
So here's what I think is making it go away. First, we've treated it with silver nitrate 4 times now. That made a huge difference and started getting it to shrink. (Side note, I think those thin brownish marks on her skin around the tube may have been a result of me not doing a good job with the silver nitrate sticks. You're not supposed to let it get on their skin and it looks like I did. Oops, sorry Raya!) Second, I increased the amount of gauze I was packing around it. We started out right after surgery with 1 packet of gauze. As soon as we started feeding her full amounts, that no longer worked so we went to 2 packets. That stopped the leaking, so we stuck with that for a little while. Over the past 3 weeks or so, I've been able to put 1 1/2 packets of gauze in it and that kept it from leaking. I think that even though that was enough to keep it from leaking, it didn't put enough tension on the tube to prevent it from moving a little bit, which is one of the things that causes granulation tissue. Once again, one of our children has survived parenting by trial and error. :)

Here she is during our gauze change this evening:

You can't really tell from the picture but she's yelling at me. She does that a lot. I think she's learning it way too young and she'd better knock it off before she gets old enough to get in trouble & have to stand with her nose on the wall like the other kids. :)

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