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Monday, September 13, 2010


This. Is. Gross.

Um, yeah, when stuff that looks like that comes out of your kid's stomach, it's probably a good indicator that she has a problem. The picture makes it look more red than it actually was. It was more of a copper color. Either way, not normal. I dropped off her specimens at the doctor's office this morning & we shall see what they have to say about it.

**Afternoon Update**
So when the doctor saw the samples I took in this morning, she had her nurse call me back to tell me that it's definitely blood and that I needed to bring her back in 45 minutes for labs & a quick visit with the doctor. I hurried & called a friend to see if Kaida could come over & play so I didn't have to try to keep her out of trouble while Raya got blood drawn. My friend happened to be at Walmart waiting for her car to get its oil changed so I dropped Kaida off at Walmart. How WT is that. :)
Okay, anyway, the doctor said that Raya probably has a small perforation/tear somewhere in her lower esophagus that's probably a result of vomiting. It's really not surprising given how many times a day she's been vomiting for the last 5 months. She gave her a prescription for a medication that we'll have to give her on an "empty" stomach (since her stomach never really seems to empty) 4 times a day for a few days. It's supposed to adhere to any proteins that are present in her stomach & help heal the tear. If the bleeding continues or gets worse, she'll have another endoscopy to see where it's coming from and if it needs more intervention.
In light of the stomach blood, we've also decided that she for sure needs to have a GJ tube at least for a little while to give her poor little body a rest from all the vomiting. We're ALL ready for a break from it. Especially Mr. Washing Machine.

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